A Look Back At Legendary Iranian Director Kiarostami’s Films At London Film Center

A year after Abbas Kiarostami’s death, Close-Up Film Center in London celebrated the art of his cinema by screening some of his rarely seen early films.

The program ‘Abbas Kiarostami: Early Works’ showed a series of documentary, short and feature films made in the 1970s and 1980s. A documentary on the filmmaker’s life and career as well as his last short film was also included.

In 1969, Kiarostami helped set up a film making department at the Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (known as Kanoon) in Tehran, and made most of his early works there. Its debut production and Kiarostami’s first film was the 12-minute ‘The Bread and Alley’ (1970).

The short works to be shown during the 15-day event in London include ‘Breaktime’ (1972), ‘The Solution for One Problem’ (1975), ‘Colors’ (1975), ‘So Can I’ (1976), ‘Solution No. 1’ (1978), ‘Orderly or Disorderly’ (1981) and ‘The Chorus’ (1982).

The program portrayed the filmmaker reframing the world and the relationships between individuals through his creative involvement with actors – often amateurs and children – producing philosophical works that reinvigorated the genres of documentary and narrative fiction, frequently blurring the lines between the two.

Film critic Ehsan Khoshbakht had selected the movies and organized the event which was supported by the British Council.

A booklet in English about the films was also distributed as a guide for the films being screened. It contained famous critics’ reviews and opinions on Kiarostami’s early films.


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